kollekt.fm is the first platform to put new music appearing on different websites in one never-ending playlist

Amsterdam-based startup introduces a new and powerful way to discover new music and stay up-to-date without having to spend loads of time

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AMSTERDAM - Today, startup kollekt.fm launches feeds; a unique way to discover new music and stay up-to-date with what's new without having to spend a lot of time. They're the first to allow people to combine both sources on which music is hosted (like YouTube and Soundcloud) and places where it is posted (like blogs, Facebook and more) in one never-ending playlist, making it easier than ever to stay up-to-date.

“People that are really enthusiastic about music often use multiple platforms to discover new music and stay up to date with what’s happening. Someone might for instance follow several Facebook pages or YouTube channels on which music is shared, read a couple of blogs and follow artists on Soundcloud. Obviously this takes up a lot of time and as you discover more sources, it will be more likely that you are going to miss out on great new music shared on the web because you just don’t have the time to browse across all those pages. We are the first in the world to enable people to put the sources that matter to them in one list that’s always up-to-date. This gives people unparalleled control over their music sources so that they always have an overview of what’s happening. And the best thing is that they can do so while working, studying or other things; all it takes is pressing play“ says Julian Gijsen, co-founder & CEO of kollekt.fm.

No matter where the music is hosted or where it is posted, kollekt.fm has made it their mission to unite all music sources together with the places where that music is curated and shared, all in a simple yet powerful way. The platform already integrates with YouTube, Soundcloud, Facebook, and blogs, with more services like Spotify being added soon. “We want to involve our community of music enthusiasts and use their input to decide what to focus on next. There’s an endless amount of possibilities with this and we can’t wait to hear what kind of ideas people come up with!”

The power of kollekt.fm lies in the control that people can exert over the feeds they make. Think for instance about a list with only the artists that you feel are in the same genre. The result is an automated playlist that updates itself as soon as new content pops up. Gijsen: “We’re doing for music what RSS did for articles - and because people can tinker with the combinations, it could become much bigger than that. Think of kollekt.fm as your personal radio station that only plays the music from artists, blogs or other sources that you feel belong together. But it doesn’t have to be restricted to music only - we could also provide more context like tour dates and Instagram posts if people want that. Whatever kind of list they create; this changes the way people stay up to date with their music and it provides valuable insights about music and where it is hosted and posted. If you allow people to put these insights to use and apply new commands to these lists to make them even more powerful, the number of combinations you can make are infinite. What’s perhaps even more cool is that we can (and will!) use these insights to recommend new sources to people. That way we can expand people's scope much more without adding extra hassle, and allow them to stay up to date in a way that’s most relevant to them, which for us is a first important step in bringing people together through music.”

Pricing and availability
Signing up for kollekt.fm is free. Visit kollekt.fm/feeds for more information.

About Atmosphere by kollekt.fm

About kollekt.fm
kollekt.fm has created a new music service for businesses called ‘Atmosphere’. The service delivers a music selection that is handpicked by an artist or music expert who is connected to a business. Atmosphere not only creates a better in-store experience for customers, but it's also a new opportunity for artists and music experts to make money.

Human curation has alway been the core of kollekt.fm. Since it was founded in 2013, the company has build an online consumer platform where a community of 30.000+ users discover and share music. The company was part of the Amsterdam Rockstart Accelerator Web & Mobile batch '15 and was selected for Blackbox.vc in Silicon Valley which is powered by Google for Entrepreneurs.